Our Team | Otto + Grand Salon serving Grand Rapids & West Michigan
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Our Founders

www.takphotography.com | TAK Photography, LLC 2017

Ross Bacon

Cat Visokay Headshot

Cat Crocetto Visokay

Owner, Stylist, Extension Specialist + Permanent Makeup Artist


Molly MC Headshot

Molly Mc

Head Stylist, Floor Manager, Fantasy Color Specialist
Ally Soltys Headshot

Ally Soltys

Stylist, Cutting Specialist
Kristyn Ellis Headshot

Kristyn Ellis

Stylist, Balayage Specialist, Make Up Artist + Wedding Specialist
Jean Frost Headshot

Jean Frost

Stylist + Texture Specialist
Alejandro Brougham Headshot

Alejandro Brougham

Stylist, Texture Specialist + Barbering Specialist
Jamie Rau Headshot

“Sugar Jamie” Rau

Laura Wirick Headshot

Laura Wirick

Stylist + Lash Extension Specialist
Francie Gleason Headshot

Francie VanHoven

Stylist, Color Specialist + Extension Specialist
Candace Lefke Headshot

Candace Lefke

Stylist + Color Specialist
Spencer Bristol Headshot

Spencer Bristol

Salon Manager + Permanent Makeup Artist
Kalee Mancilla-McCue Headshot

Kalee Mancilla - McCue

Junior Stylist

Heather Dull

Stylists + Balayage Specialist

*Shoutout to Jen Q Photography & TAK Photography for the awesome photos!