Our Team | Otto + Grand Salon serving Grand Rapids & West Michigan
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Our Founders

www.takphotography.com | TAK Photography, LLC 2017

Ross Bacon

Cat Visokay Headshot

Cat Crocetto Visokay

Owner, Stylist, Extension Specialist + Microblading Artist


Molly MC Headshot

Molly Mc

Head Stylist, Floor Manager
Ally Soltys Headshot

Ally Soltys

Stylist, Cutting Specialist
Kristyn Ellis Headshot

Kristyn Ellis

Stylist, Balayage Specialist, Make Up Artist + Wedding Specialist
Jean Frost Headshot

Jean Frost

Stylist + Texture Specialist
Alejandro Brougham Headshot

Alejandro Brougham

Stylist, Texture Specialist + Barbering Specialist
Jamie Rau Headshot

“Sugar Jamie” Rau

Laura Wirick Headshot

Laura Wirick

Stylist + Lash Extension Specialist
Francie Gleason Headshot

Francie VanHoven

Stylist, Color Specialist + Extension Specialist
Candace Lefke Headshot

Candace Lefke

Stylist + Color Specialist
Spencer Bristol Headshot

Spencer Bristol

Salon Manager + Microblading Apprentice

Kalee Mancilla-McCue Headshot

Kalee Mancilla - McCue

Assistant + Junior Stylist

*Shoutout to Jen Q Photography & TAK Photography for the awesome photos!